The answer is, as predicted, yes. Yes, it did! From having to move all of our group meetings online and not being able to work at our fullest capacity, to even postponing our conference (date to be announced), we believe it is safe to say that we were quite upset, because our ideas for the project did not go as planned. But do not worry! Thankfully, not even a global pandemic such as COVID-19 can stop us from providing a few huge surprises to MUN lovers all across the country and not only, or from achieving our goals. Therefore, lockdown ended up being extremely productive for us.

BYMUN Podcasts: YouthMUN x MUN Community

Firstly, starting off at the end of March and running all the way through the month of April, BYMUN ran a campaign addressed to the worldwide MUN community, the main goal of it being to unite and to create stronger bonds between us. We have asked 27 experienced debaters, with various personalities and different objectives, the exact same question: What do MUN conferences mean to you? Whether you aspire to pursue a career in international relations, comparative politics, political economy, political philosophy, social studies etc. or not, somehow we are all targeting the same goal: youth growth!

BYMUN Webinars: Building Bridges – Uncover a Spectrum of Novel Ideas & Opportunities

Secondly, our Building Bridges enterprise was launched in May and it consisted of 6 webinars at a distance of two days between them. The webinars, which took place on Google Meet, had over 150 applicants and were hosted by some of the most inspiring & talented youth members. Our first speaker was Ada Maria Ileana, an ESL Teacher, and she was followed by the Co-Founder of @whenitsover.project, Cristi Drăgan. Next was an UCL Quantitative Social Studies Student, Tudor Gheorghe, who was succeeded by the Member of Team Romania for WSDC, Teodor Grama, as well as the founder of, Ana Zlătescu. The series finished off with a Former Youth Delegate at the United Nations, Ioana Covei.

BYMUN x When It’s Over Project

Dare to Dream – When It’s Over Project is an initiative that aims to remind our community that hard times will pass and future opportunities are out there waiting for us! BYMUN found inspiration in @whenitsover.project ’s concept and went on to empower MUNers by emphasising that we will return to our beloved MUNs at last! For this reason, we recreated the highlights of an MUN conference, so as to dare you to dream for more when everything is over (you can find them on our Instagram page! Moreover, we are extremely happy to have had the pleasure to interview the sweet people behind the When It’s Over Project: Chi, Tushi and Cristi. Thank you so much for accepting our invitation and for making it such a wonderful experience for us! The interview will soon be available for you to watch.

Never stop believing in yourself, so dare to dream & join us at BYMUN 2020!

We have an immense gratitude for each one of you who took the time to join our podcast series & webinars with the purpose of spreading positivity, joy, optimism and most importantly, to remind us all that we are in this together, as better days are coming! Stay tuned for upcoming projects and more details regarding the conference and don’t forget to follow us on our social media pages: you can find us on Instagram: and on Facebook: BYMUN – Bucharest Youth Model United Nations. To all of you reading this, we are sending you our unconditional love and always remember: Never stop believing in yourself, so dare to dream & join us at BYMUN 2020!