How would you react if we told you that you can relive all the moments that you have been missing for such a long period of time? What would you do with such an amazing opportunity in plain sight after the tough times we have all been through? A new beginning is about to change your way of perception. Be ready to take it all one step further and set high standards. Striving for perfection, our team is ready to revolutionise all that has been regarded as apogee.

Now that lockdown is officially over, we are ready to share with you all of our plans for the BYMUN 2020 Conference, starting off with our six committees, with a variety of topics to choose from (you can find them down below)!

Make sure to let us know which one of them is your favourite and stay tuned for our upcoming projects that are currently in the works! We take fancy to offer you one of the best experiences of your life! But are you?

Never stop believing in yourself, so dare to dream & join us at BYMUN 2020!